What an AMAZING little find. We were here in The Cotswolds for much needed Self care and rest post Christmas. And this beautiful cafe and Deli shop was a perfect treat find. Wonderful coffee stunningly fresh produce and food to buy, treats that echo homemade with love. Then a lunch in the cafe brought not only wonderful homemade mushroom soup that was like a hug in a bowl....but also the atmosphere was so friendly and inclusive that it really warmed my heart! The staff leaned down to each table to give full eye contact, to smile to chat to listen and hear. Watching young lads serving and chatting to elderly customers, in a way that has been long lost in many cafes and restaurants, was heartwarming. Each customer was made to feel they were the most important person in that moment. Smiles, laughter, pure joy. In a little cafe!! We sat chatting to a few others at nearby tables, met some fascinating people and even sat watching a falcon hover outside the huge glass windows leading to stunning country views. All in all GO....a must if you want to recharge, if you've lost a little faith in humanity and are caught up in the speedy rat race called life...this is the place to recharge. It's a big fat pause on life. A stop that is a giant warm cosy hug. Great food Great service And if you're lucky to chat to Bernard the owner as you leave, as we were, you'll understand why its won awards and why it works. His heart is at the centre of this place alongside his wife joanne. Their passion for good service good food and homely atmosphere are all the makings of this georgous little home from home. Loved it. Thankyou

Review by Becky, visited January 2020